4 Simple Design Tips for Compact City Living

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish—here are four tips to spruce up your compact indoor and outdoor areas

Don't be dissuaded from sprucing up your home or yard just because you're living in a small or compact space. You might be surprised how many tips and tricks there are to open up the area and make it feel bigger than it is. 
Being selective with the color scheme and inventive with storage are just a few ways to utilize your home to its full extent. Explore a few simple ways to beautify your interior and exterior spaces.

Select Colors Carefully

Having a limited amount of space to work with doesn't mean you can’t make the most of your patio or yard furniture. Choosing items in the right color can potentially trick the eye into making an area look bigger. Optimal shades include blues, greens, and off-whites. 
Spotlight your chic furniture items by adding contrasting colors. In addition to elongating the space and making it feel lived-in, it’ll help draw the eye away from any potential problem areas. Adding plants in both indoor and outdoor spaces is a great way to create natural borders and vibrancy.

Add Levels

If you're intent on making your space appear bigger, bolder, and more luxurious, you can add levels to the area. Landscapers can help add stairs and elevate patches of land to create a layered look in your space.
Seeing tiers of various elevations in your backyard will make it look both inventive and spacious. Get creative and come up with a theme for each level.

Choose the Right Lighting

If you want a cozy, romantic nook, string lights are the way to go. If you're more interested in a cookout area or place to hang out with a small group of friends, tiki torches or lanterns might be a better fit. 
For those who want their outdoor oasis to shine at night, floor lighting makes for an excellent addition to set the mood. Inside your home, small spaces can be fixed up with sconces—wall-mount your lamps to save space. 

Be Resourceful

It's hard to make small spaces work when you have a plethora of various knickknacks and items to store. It's helpful to use any flat surface available as storage, including windowsills, tops of bookcases, and more. 
There are also many drawers you can install beneath beds, and raising a mattress a few extra inches off the floor will open up the area and allow you to fit it with extra storage space. 
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