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Real Estate with Jake | January Newsletter

Real Estate with Jake

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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis

Read on for homeowner seasonal tips you should consider and discover lifestyle tips curated just for you!

Market Updates

Compass Coming Soon

Check out Jake's monthly hand-curated picks for Compass Coming Soon listings. Chicago has real estate in all shapes, sizes, and price-points. Let us help you find your place in the world before someone else finds it first.

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Real Estate in the News

Where the Housing Market Is Going in 2022

As Told by 7 Leading Forecast Models

A perfect storm. That's the best way to describe the red-hot housing market we've seen from coast-to-coast during the pandemic. It was spurred by a combination of recession-induced low mortgage rates, remote work allowing buyers to sprawl further away from their workplace, and a wave of first-time millennial homebuyers entering into the market. Of course, years of under-building means there simply aren't enough homes available to meet this demand. Cue record price growth. 

But how much longer will this run last? 

Local Events

Last Home Season Game in Chicago

January 2nd 12:00PM

Head to Soldier Field for the last regular season home game. Bundle up and grab your favorite team's gear as we head into the post-season. Purchase your tickets here. Have transportation questions? See your options here.

Disney's Frozen on Broadway 

Now - January 22nd 

Looking for something to do with the kids? Frozen is now on Broadway! Playing at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, Frozen has come to life just in time for the season. 

Buy tickets here and buy parking here

Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

Two Factors That May Impact the Real Estate Market in 2022

It's no secret that 2021 has been a hot year for the real estate market. Houses are selling at record prices, bidding wars are frequently taking place for the limited inventory available, and it's not unusual for buyers to pay for home purchases entirely in cash. 

Though the market appears to be normalizing somewhat as more listings become available, 2022 is poised to have some unique issues and challenges of its own when it comes to real estate sales. Two factors in particular are likely to impact the market in the year ahead.

Home Appraisals: What You Need to Know
A home appraisal may not be top of mind when you're looking to buy, sell or refinance a home. But maybe it should be. Appraisals are necessary when buying and selling a home because banks won’t lend money if the appraised value of the house is less than the loan amount. However, there are other times when an appraisal may be required or can help save you money.

Courtesy of US News

These Are the Biggest Color Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022
The colors we surround ourselves with can directly impact our emotions. Choosing the right dining room paint or the best pop for living room paint colors can make all the difference in uplifting the mood of any space. And after two rather interesting years, more and more design enthusiasts are turning to color to liven up their homes and create spaces of inspiration.
Organization Tips for Every Room in Your Home
Organizing your home doesn't have to happen all at once. Go room by room with these practical storage solutions and decluttering ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and more.

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